It has been less than a month since South African digital exchange platform ChainEX relaunched with a fresh new look and exciting new features.

The launch has further being promoted by ZERO trading fees whilst EOS — with a BTC pairing — was also added to the exchange and today, another exciting promotion has started!

Existing users are encouraged to share a unique referral link to their social media profiles and earn $5 worth of tokens per share — up to $15 worth of tokens in total! They can post one to Twitter, one to Facebook and one to reddit/Instagram or LinkedIn to earn maximum rewards! To make sure users get their rewards, they need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Sign up to ChainEX at;
  2. Complete the verification process to Level 2;
  3. Navigate to the referrals page;
  4. Share the unique referral code displayed on at least 3 social media platforms;
  5. Copy and paste the referral posts here:
  6. ChainEX support will confirm that the above conditions have been met and confirm the number of shares;
  7. Rewards applicable will be paid on a weekly basis;
  8. Rewards will be paid in BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS and XRP up to the value of $15.

The promotion is restricted to the first 1000 users who share their link and is also the first step to introducing users to ChainEX’s referral program — one of the newest features to the exchange.

The referral program is designed to reward users for inviting new users to the ChainEX platform by paying them a percentage of the trading fees paid by the users they referred.

There are four levels of referral rewards:

Level 1: 16% of the referee’s trading fees

Level 2: 8% of the referee’s trading fees

Level 3: 4% of the referee’s trading fees

Level 4: 2% of the referee’s trading fees

A user may therefore earn a percentage fee reward not only from direct invitation, but also from users who was invited by the users which they invited. The referral program will become active once the Zero Fees promotion period has ended.

Earlier this year, ChainEX also introduced competitive scaling fees to reward those users who trade higher volumes, whereby — based on the 30 day trading volume of a user — a user’s trading fee could be adjusted. For full details on scaling fees, read here: