Cryptocurrency billboards, ATM’s, advertisements, and little chatters on every corner of Europe. ChainEX has been fortunate enough to make a small visit in Prague and receive a European taste of how people have adapted and accepted the world of Cryptocurrencies!

What are these ATM’s you speak of?

Bitcoin ATM’s allow the users to convert cash to bitcoin or vice versa. One can go as far as saying that using the word “ATM” isn’t all that applicable, since the machine connects directly to the internet, and to blockchain networks instead of a user’s bank account. According to an advisory issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, “they may also charge high transaction fees — media reports describe transaction fees as high as 7% and exchange rates $50 over rates you could get elsewhere”. So, one may be cautionary of which bitcoin ATM you transact on.

MEETUP’s in Prague

There are many teams working on cryptocurrencies and digital assets throughout Europe, so meetups are a common occurrence throughout the week. ChainEX is fortunate enough to attend a Particl Meetup at the Cryptoanarchy Institute at Paralelní Polis this evening. We have also been fortunate enough to meet the team beforehand and experience the team interact freely. I wouldn’t say that they’re a different species, but I would say that they definitely operate on an entire different level than the rest of society.

Advertisements of Cryptocurrencies in Europe

At bus stops, on billboards, on flyers and even certain cars, cryptocurrency has been advertised all around in Europe. It’s a normal thing for Europeans to know what the blockchain is, how to interact on it and how to trade. There are even some restaurants that accept cryptocurrencies for food and drinks.