Our goal at ChainEX is to create a platform in South Africa that provides a medium to buy, sell or trade many different digital assets using ZAR and other digital assets. Our fiat currency is South African Rand (ZAR) which saves you the trouble of converting to USD first and dealing with far too many banking and federal regulations.

Not only does ChainEX provide you with a secure, online platform which you can trade on, it is offering you an opportunity to trade at Zero Fees for two weeks! This promotion starts from the 4th of June until the 18th of June 2018.

We are passionate about empowering you not only as a user, but as a person in general. It is vital for ChainEX that our communities inside as well as outside of South Africa experience a secure and reliable platform with multiple coins. ChainEX strives to make their users live a more comfortable lifestyle.

Our platform also offers a global chat for successful communication. We encourage the community to get to know the creators of the exchange as well, and for the users to get familiar with other users of other communities.

With the blockchain continually growing with more coins and more opportunities, we also want to be as informed and up-paced as the rest of the world (if not trying to be more than). It is a goal to leave a mark in South Africa for a better future.

Join our community and get to know what we’re all about, why we are so passionate at making a change, and why we want you to get involved with us!

To discover a better future wherever you currently are, click on the link below and walk a journey with us!